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Chris Miskow is the artist behind Portland-based Xylem Jewelry.  Chris is a luthier and musician, and he started Xylem in 2015 as a way to utilize all of the small pieces of instrument-grade wood that was left over after building a guitar or mandolin.  Each piece is made by hand, and is often comprised of 3 or more different types of wood, sometimes creating a different look on each side of the pendant.  Some of the woods used are Padouk, Macassar Ebony, Pink Ivory, Myrtle, East Indian Rosewood, Walnut Mahogany, Camphor, Cedar, Australian Blackwood, Madagascar Rosewood, Maple, Palo Escrito, Cocobolo, and Thuya.  No stains or dyes are used, just the natural grain and color of a variety woods, creating a naturally colorful look.

Check out our Etsy shop for an idea of what is available right now, or contact us for custom orders.  We'd love to help you find that perfect piece that will be worn and loved for years!